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Holiday Countdown…Just Days To Go But There’s Still Time to Ring Up Registry Sales with a Holiday Gift List

This year the holiday season seems full of conflicting consumer sentiments. On one hand, many customers remain concerned about inflation and inventory levels, and those worries have prompted many to be more cautious, shop early, and look for discounts.    READ MORE

Registry to the Rescue – Capture all the Seasonal Gifting

You can’t miss it; the frenetic holiday season is underway. While there is still some economic uncertainty, one thing is certain – customers are intent on gifting and celebrating all sorts of occasions this season.    READ MORE

Your Holiday Ready Registry and Gift List Starts NOW

As fall kicks in, it’s time to focus on revving up your registry for a strong 4th quarter. All the more this year as signs point to a very busy season – and one that is starting earlier and will be more competitive than ever.    READ MORE

Your Registry Dashboard – A Marketing Tool Kit For You

In anticipation of a busy fall gifting season, we have added some new marketing tools to your dashboard.    READ MORE

The Heat Is On – Let’s Make Your Registry Sizzle

The Heat Is On – Let’s Make Your Registry Sizzle, Taking a cue from the sweltering summer days out there; let’s turn up the heat on your registry.    READ MORE

Registry Marketing: Know Your Audience

Registry Marketing: Know Your Audience, We all know that a gift registry is a great growth vehicle because it creates increasing opportunitiesfor customers and their gift-minded family and friends to shop with you.    READ MORE

Make Your Gift Registry Homepage Work For You

Make Your Gift Registry Homepage Work For You, we shared a blog (Looks Count—So Make a Good First Impression!) that talked about the importance of making a good first impression when a customer is presented with your gift registry.    READ MORE